Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Unless otherwise specified below: –

  • the term “event” is interchangeable with the terms “training”, “assessment”, “exam”, “course” and “workshop”.
  • the term “customer” is interchangeable with “attendee”
  • the singular means the plural and vice versa
  • the male means the female and vice versa

Heavenlyz® is a registered trademark operating under license from Heavenlyz Consultancy Limited. Heavenlyz main trading address is “Heavenlyz, Unit 3, Heatherton District Centre, Hollybrook Way, Littleover, Derby, DE23 3TZ” and our primary contact telephone number is 01283 703043.

These terms and conditions are subordinate to consumer regulations and constitute a legally binding agreement between Heavenlyz and the individual registering for an event or ordering an item (service, product or otherwise).


  • Event customers declare that: –
    • they are able enough to fully participate in the specific event they are due to attend
    • they and any of their event participating animals do so solely at the customer’s risk
    • the welfare of any animals in the care of the customer (whether owned by themselves or not) is the sole responsibility of the customer
  • Event customers understand that it is their responsibility to ensure that animals they bring to an event are of a safe temperament, are disease and ailment free and will neither cause distress to other examinees nor their own animals.
  • Event customers understand that if they fail to meet the responsibilities outlined above, that they may be denied access to the event, either before or after it has started and, in either case, there will be no refund of fees paid nor any other compensation.
  • Event customers participate in events entirely at their own risk – no liability whatsoever shall attach to Heavenlyz, it’s owners, members and staff for any injury, loss or damage suffered to or caused by the event customers or any animals in the event customer’s care in or by reason of the event, however such may be caused, and whether by negligence of otherwise.
  • Heavenlyz will offer opportunity to attend an appropriate event available to the customer as soon as possible after full payment has been made (normally, at the point of full payment).
  • A Heavenlyz event appropriate to the customer will be scheduled to occur within 12 months of full payment made
  • Event customers accept that Heavenlyz obligation to provide services to the customer expires 12 months from full payment being made or at the point the customer indicates that they no longer wish to receive Heavenlyz services

Application, booking and pre-event procedures

  • In all cases, prior to booking/ payment and whether in written or verbal form, Heavenlyz will comprehensively describe: –
    • our business name, contact details and address
    • the service being offered to the customer
    • any expiry dates for the services for which the private customer is paying
    • the total price being charged for the services including all taxes (e.g. VAT)
    • the maximum time Heavenlyz will take to deliver any goods (e.g. books) to the customer
    • how a customer can pay
    • how the customer can terminate the service and what reasonable costs may be incurred by the customer on termination
    • how the customer can cancel and when they lose the right to cancel
    • how the customer can make a complaint if they so wish
  • Event customers are responsible for: –
    • full and accurate completion of any application forms and supporting documentation.
    • updating Heavenlyz where application form and supporting documentation details change
  • If an e-mail confirmation has not been received in a timely manner after submitting an application form, please contact liza@heavenlyz.com.
  • Final event joining details may be sent up to seven working days prior to the event, please contact liza@heavenlyz.com if you do not receive final event joining details.
  • Heavenlyz cannot be held responsible for the non-arrival of event information.
  • Unless expressly authorised by Heavenlyz in writing, event bookings are not transferable (neither to another person nor to another date)


  • Heavenlyz only accepts payment in full, Heavenlyz neither accepts nor authorises deposits nor partial payments.
  • Any customer making a partial payment (whether intended or in error) accepts a reasonable admin charge will be applied where they require that partial payment to be returned
  • A business customer (i.e. a legal business entity such as “T/as” or “LTD”) making payment accepts that: –
    • Heavenlyz will immediately begin work, incurring Heavenlyz costs, to provide that customer with their required product or service. The customer agrees to bear Heavenlyz costs up to and including the full payment made
    • there is neither obligation on Heavenlyz to provide partial nor full refunds where that customer subsequently cancels their requirement for a service or product.
    • Heavenlyz may choose to consider partial refunds (where the customer cancels their requirement) on a case by case basis at a schedule to be determined by Heavenlyz
  • Any private customer for whom Heavenlyz provides a service has a 14-day cooling off period after payment has been made
  • By default, Heavenlyz will make only a provisional booking but will neither do any work for this service nor despatch any products during that 14-day cooling off period
  • A private customer may request Heavenlyz to deliver that service in full within the 14-days cooling off period but must authorise this explicitly in writing (e.g. Heavenlyz supplied online registration form)
  • A customer authorising Heavenlyz to deliver the service in full within the 14-days cooling off period becomes liable for any costs incurred by Heavenlyz organising/ providing the service or despatching products in support of the service up to the value of the payment made by the customer
  • In all other cases, at the expiry of the 14 day cooling off period, all customer payments to Heavenlyz become non-refundable

Cancellations, Expiration and Refunds

  • For certain events, the customer will specify at the point of application the number of other event attendees with which they will co-participate, and each number of event co-attendees is clearly associated at that point with a specific event cost per customer. For these events: –
    • A higher number of co-attendees allows Heavenlyz to offer individual customers a lower cost to attend.
    • At the point of the customer specifying the number of co-attendees and the associated cost during application, the customer accepts that, where the number of co-attendees subsequently decreases for whatever reason, the ultimate cost to the individual customer will increase (costs as specified on the original application form).
    • Heavenlyz will make best endeavours to provide reasonable alternatives (e.g. postponement/ change of venue) such that the customer’s costs increase is minimal but where the number of co-attendees subsequently decreases Heavenlyz is under no liability to provide any refund to the customer
  • In extreme circumstances beyond our control, Heavenlyz reserves the right to cancel, re-schedule or relocate an event. In these cases, Heavenlyz will make best endeavours to discuss with the customer in advance whether the customer wishes to transfer their booking to another event/ location.
  • Heavenlyz reserves the right to make changes to any event programme, schedule, location, speakers and /or any other event aspects without prior notice. Such alterations may be necessary due to circumstances beyond our control. Where changes are significant (i.e. the primary reason for the event cannot be met), Heavenlyz will reach out to the customer to discuss whether the customer wishes to transfer to another event/ location.
  • Where a customer wishes to amend an event booking (e.g. relocate/ change date) then the following charges will apply to the customer: –
    • Customer amends Pet First Aid or Theory Revision booking less than 28 days in advance, £55
    • Customer amends any other booking (e.g. an Awarding Organisation Qualification) less than 28 days in advance, £150
    • Customer amends any booking more than 28 days in advance, £35
  • At the point of application/ payment, Heavenlyz will clearly articulate any expiry dates associated with the service being booked. Heavenlyz will make best endeavours to encourage the customer to meet any expiry dates but the responsibility to comply with said expiry dates remains with the customer, no refunds will apply in the case of expiry.
  • In all cases, any expenses incurred by the customer due to cancellation or expiration are solely the responsibility of the customer


  • Views expressed by speakers are their own. Heavenlyz disclaim any liability for advice given, or views expressed, by any speaker at the event or in any documentation provided

Filming and Photography

  • Customers accept that attendance at a Heavenlyz event means the customer’s image (whether still or moving) may be recorded for Heavenlyz marketing purposes
  • For teaching and promotional purposes there may be a professional photographer and video production taking place during the event.
  • Event customers are not permitted to record (either in audio or video) all or part of an event without express prior permission from Heavenlyz.

Customer Access and Dietary Requirements

  • If you have any dietary or specific requirements, please inform liza@heavenlyz.com at the time of booking.
  • Heavenlyz makes every effort that their events are accessible and enjoyable for all customers and we will always attempt to satisfy special requirements where they are both specified, proven and corroborated by a qualified person 3 months in advance of an event
  • Heavenlyz will inform event attendees of any reasonable adjustments to be made to an event based on access/ dietary or other notices issued as per above
  • Heavenlyz accepts no liability for detriment to customers due to access/ dietary issues at a Heavenlyz event where the customer has not provided the notice required above
  • The customer accepts liability for detriment to any other event attendee due to access, dietary or other issues where they have not complied with reasonable adjustments requested by Heavenlyz based on the notice required above

Data Protection

  • Customer information provided will be held on Heavenlyz databases. By submitting this information, you agree that you may be contacted about other Heavenlyz activities in the future and that your details may be used for this purpose. Details will not be passed on to any third parties other than images/ video’s published by Heavenlyz for the purposes of marketing.
  • Information provided at the point of booking must be accurate. Changes to information must be notified to Heavenlyz. Heavenlyz will not be held responsible for acting on inaccurate or out of date information.
  • Heavenlyz or awarding bodies may, from time to time, contact students for the purposes of fulfilling the requirements of relevant qualifications.

Despatching of Items

  • Heavenlyz takes every reasonable precaution to ensure that items sent by post or courier reach their intended recipient. Heavenlyz will not be held liable for items lost in the post where such reasonable precautions have been taken.
  • Heavenlyz will notify recipients of the despatch of any certificates. It is the responsibility of those notified to inform Heavenlyz of lack of receipt of any certificate within 10 working days of that certificate being despatched. The student accepts that failure to do so will require further payment for a copy certificate.

Student Transfers

  • Students transferring from Heavenlyz to an outside body accept that they will incur reasonable admin fees were they to require support from Heavenlyz during that transfer.
  • Students transferring to Heavenlyz from an outside body accept that they may incur reasonable admin fees were they to require support from Heavenlyz during that transfer and dependant on the nature of the work Heavenlyz must undertake to support that transfer.
  • Heavenlyz will not provide work towards supporting any student transfer until the admin fee has been paid in advance
  • All admin fees paid in support of a student transfer are immediately non-refundable


  • It is the responsibility of Heavenlyz to supply the private customer with goods that meet their consumer rights. Where customers have any concerns that we have not met our legal obligations, they should in the first instance please contact us at liza@heavenlyz.com
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