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Do you wish to take advantage of free apprentice training? If yes, ACT NOW, as beyond APRIL 2017 there will be a cost.

Do you wish to take advantage of free apprentice training? If yes, ACT NOW, as beyond APRIL 2017 there will be a cost.

Do you employ less than 50 staff and wish to apply for the £1500 government grant?

Have you considered hiring an apprentice?

Are you an employer looking to update or expand your workforce?

Are you a large employer with a payroll of more than £3,000,000pa? If yes, do you understand the apprenticeship levy and its impacts/ opportunities?

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Heavenlyz can will support you all the way from advertising your vacancy, recruitment and initial selection through to delivery of the apprenticeship and qualification.

Apprenticeships are designed to give young people the opportunity to enter their chosen vocation whilst having the necessary transitional support from a friendly mentor, whilst they gain valuable skills, work experience and qualifications, all whilst earning a salary. A Heavenlyz mentor is key both to the apprentice and the employer, providing initial mediation and helping overcome difficulties that may arise.

Having trouble finding a suitable apprentice?

Heavenlyz unique service can save you valuable time and energy, let us do the work for you. Heavenlyz offers businesses seeking to open their doors to offering placements for an apprentice in the following ways;

  • 100% funded apprenticeships (guaranteed if the apprenticeship sign up completes by 30th April 2017)
  • 100% delivered at the work place (no need for student to leave the site)
  • All mentors and assessors are vocational competent in your workplace field of expertise
  • Free vacancy advertising
  • Free initial selection and recruitment
  • Free interview co-ordination, liaising with student and the workplace Human Resources department

We have demonstrable success in apprentice/ workplace selection & recruitment.

Heavenlyz can offer support and has access to funding, grants and works to ensure that the right person is recruited for your specific vacancy and we will deliver relevant training and assessment to plan and on time.

Until April 2017 Heavenlyz can offer fully funded, 100% work based, Animal Care Apprenticeships to a wide range of Animal Care industry SME’s to include: –

  • Large Retailers and grooming chains
  • Independent Grooming Salons
  • Canine and Feline Boarding establishments
  • Veterinary centres and resorts
  • Welfare and Rescue Centres,
  • Pet Store Retailers
  • Petting Farms
  • Wildlife and Zoo establishments.

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Benefits of hiring an Apprentice

  • Salary starts from £3.40 per hour for between 30 and 40 hours of work per week
  • Access to £1500 Government Grant for companies employing 50 people or less (if apprentice successfully signed up before 30th April 2017)
  • Government funded training
  • Enables your own business to develop/ grow and allows you ability to manage time more efficiently
  • Develops your workforce – ‘grow your own’ and train in house to fit with you and your business

What Heavenlyz can do for you

  • Unique, highly effective recruitment process
  • Named Employer Account Manager
  • Every Apprentice has a Heavenlyz mentor
  • Excellent quality of training delivery
  • Work based training no day release
  • Highly qualified, experienced Trainer / Assessor
  • Employer focussed, consultative, excellent communication

Ensuring success for you and your Apprentice

To start we consult with you free of charge to understand your requirements. We then advertise your local role nationally, to ensure that we capture the widest range of candidates for your role. Candidates then undergo a thorough two-stage Heavenlyz interview process against your specification before we shortlist candidates and send CV’s and interview notes to you for your interviews. We will arrange your interviews, all you need do is let us know when you want them. With your final candidate(s) we suggest you carry out a work trial for a few days to see how they get on – again just let us know who and when and we will do the rest.

Once you have chosen your Apprentice our qualified, experienced Trainer Assessors will visit them at their workplace to provide them with knowledge training for their chosen Apprenticeship. Heavenlyz assessors will also be assessing Apprentices progress/ performance and giving feedback. A plan is agreed complete with tasks required for the Apprentice to learn.

Monthly formal reviews are conducted to ensure performance is on track and relevant. If you or your Apprentice encounter any problems, help is on hand from any of your Assessor/ Trainer, the Apprentices Heavenlyz Mentor, your named Heavenlyz Account Manager.

Hiring an apprentice through Heavenlyz could not be easier. Call or email us to get your questions answered and ensure you have everything you need, then let’s get started. The recruitment and training provided will be of the highest quality and support for your Apprentice will be on-going throughout the Apprenticeship journey to ensure the best outcomes for them as well as your business. 

Heavenlyz apprenticeship programmes offer the chance for a new member of the team aged between 16-23 not already in full time education, to: –

  • work alongside experienced staff whilst gaining job specific skills,
  • earn a wage and get holiday pay
  • study towards the City and Guilds Diploma in Work Based Animal Care 0067 (Dog Grooming, Animal care and Welfare, Pet Care and Retail), either at level 2 or at level 3.

Apprenticeship attendance is 100% work based. An approved Heavenlyz assessor and mentor will visit the workplace on average once a month to support the apprentice.

There is no formal entry requirement to be an apprentice. However in order to be awarded the qualification, the apprentice must demonstrate that they hold a functional skills level 1 in Maths and English in order to achieve the level 2 Diploma and Functional skills Level 2 in maths and English or GCSE Grade C, in order to achieve the level 3 Diploma., those whom have not reached this level will be additionally supported by an approved Heavenlyz assessor and develop Functional Skills that support them in their job, including Communication and Application of Number.

Workplace focussed questions and answers

A list of commonly asked questions can also be found on the Apprentice page

What does Heavenlyz contribute?

A dedicated centre representative works closely with employers to:

  • help them decide which apprenticeship is right for them
  • explain how apprenticeships might help them and if funding is available
  • agree a training plan with the apprentice
  • help recruit an apprentice or support existing staff into and through their apprenticeships
  • manage the training and evaluation to nationally recognised quality standards.

What does an employer contribute?

As well as a minimum of 30 hours a week of supervised employment, the employer must give the apprentice clear terms and conditions of employment and an induction into their role. Heavenlyz can give advice on such issues. Employers are also responsible for paying apprentices’ wages, based on the National Minimum Training Allowance (e.g. £3.40 per hour for an apprentice under the age of 19 and in their first year of their apprenticeship).

Is there help with funding?

Funding towards training is available from the National Apprenticeship Service. The contribution varies depending on the sector and the age of the candidate. If the apprentice is aged 16–18 years, the employer will receive 100% of the training cost; if they are 19-24 years old, they will receive up to 50%.

However, if you have another apprentice whom is fully funded e.g. aged 16-19 years and Heavenlyz visits them on the same day to mentor and support, Heavenlyz will not charge you the 50% as we are already on site, if they are 25 years old or over, any contribution depends on the employer’s sector and area. Employers may also be eligible for the National Age Grant of £1,500.

Free Funding is currently only available until 31st March 2017

What legal agreement must the workplace and the apprentice have in place?

All apprentices must be given a contract of employment and they are entitled to normal employment benefits including annual paid holiday leave and bank holidays. Heavenlyz assessor will ask to see a copy of this contact on our first month’s review.

Why work with Heavenlyz?

We are nationally well respected Animal Care and dog grooming training company who understand your business.

All of our assessment staff maintain current skills and knowledge and hold the necessary vocational skills In order to compliment your existing training.

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